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Xio Bai

Hi, my name is XiaoBai (little white). I am a 4.5 year shy boy. I was one of the first slaughterhouse rescues. I was left behind because I was too shy and they worried about me being "not adoptable". My girl friend and my other pals all got taken to the US. My girl friend is in Chicago, and others are in California. I am older now and not as shy as before. But I am still not a happy camper type of dog. But if you know what I have gone through and witnessed in the slaughter house, you would understand. I had a few "reactive bites" bad records in the early years but I am much better now. I don't think I can do well with kids because I get spooked easily. I need a very calm and patient family. A family would take me in as a compassionate project. I will give you my appreciation and a gratification experience you never had.

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