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Hi! I'm

Xio Bai

Hi, my name is XiaoBai (little white). I am a 4.5 year shy boy. I was one of the first slaughterhouse rescues. My girlfriend and my other pals all got taken to the US like Chicago and California, but I was left behind because of my shyness. Rescuers worried about me being not adoptable since I had a few "reactive bites" in the early years. I am older now and not as shy as before. I still have many moments of being reserved, but if you knew what I have gone through and witnessed in the slaughterhouse, you would understand. I don't think I can do well with kids because I get spooked easily. I need a very calm and patient family, one that would consider me as a family member. I will give you my appreciation and a gratifying experience you never had.

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