Dogs have become our healers

In today's world, dogs are no longer just family pets. Dogs offer people in need the vital and invaluable gift of healing through companionship and unconditional love.

Our Humans in Need project aims to establish therapy and comfort dog workshops in Asia. These workshops are designed to teach local participants how dogs can help people in need, especially kids with anxiety, autism, or physical disabilities. 


We believe that our workshops show why dogs are humankind’s best friends and would, therefore, enable more people to benefit from the extraordinary companionship of dogs. We hope to provide the education and experiences that will change people's perception of dogs in their local communities so that they start to stand against the dog meat trade, as well as against all other forms of cruelty to animals. 

Our latest Human In Need initiative:
Collaboration with Marine Humane

We are working with Marine Humane, a top notch shelter in California to bring their Jumping for Joy workshops to China.


Jumping for Joy provides an animal-assisted therapy for kids on the autism spectrum. It is a six-week class and gives each kid a chance to increase their confidence and social skills through working as a dog handler to guide a dog through different agility demonstrations.



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