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2 Dog Meat Restaurants shut down

The new year comes with great news from our team in Mudanjiang (MDJ): two dog meat restaurants have recently closed.

After we learned about the closures of those two dog meat restaurants, we asked the local government for no more dog meat restaurant licenses to be issued in the same district where the center is located. We got the promise from the government.

Your donations helped us get certified in MDJ (it's a status very hard to achieve for a foreign NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) in China, especially an American NGO). Your donations also built a deluxe Youth Compassion Center which is valued highly by the local MDJ government. So now Duo Duo Project has a certain degree of power in the city of MDJ.

One of the two restaurants that recently closed in Mudanjiang city, China

Another recently-closed dog meat restaurant. L: before (open), R: now (closed)

We are very lucky to have the best and most devoted team in China. Based on their years of experience dealing with and having insight into their government, we have been able to plan our campaigns in China strategically and successfully.

This is a small victory compared to our final goal, ending the dog and cat meat trade. But we are inching forward and as long as we keep moving, we will get there.

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