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A Dog's Tale

Chinese version of A Dog's Tale has been made and premiered in China on March 31, 2023. Two big stars, Feng Xiao Gang and Joan Chen are the leading actors. A local Chinese breed dog was purposely chosen for the leading role. This local breed has been thought of as dumb and of no value, so it can be eaten. That is how Chinese dog-eaters justify their horrifying dog-eating habit! Best of all this dog, Da Huang (big yellow), was rescued from the meat trade in real life. For the movie, they also shot a few scenes from a dog slaughterhouse.

Da Huang was rescued from a slaughterhouse.

Our team told us that no doubt this movie will change the image of the local breed dog and be a big slap on dog eaters' faces.

Education has always been the main focus of Duo Duo Project. We have always dreamed of making an educational movie like this if we could raise enough money.

Now it's done and done almost exactly how we would have wanted!

Movie posters

This is indeed great news and a sign of hope. As mentioned in our 10-year celebration video, we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for helping us build a top-notch team in Yulin and other parts of China. Your generous donations enabled us to hire elite young animal lovers to push forward the movement "End the Dog and Cat Meat Trade".

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