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Phase 1 Construction has begun on our Mudanjiang Youth Compassion Center!

Updated: Feb 6, 2021


UPDATE 6th Feb 2021: We are so excited to announce that Phase 1 of construction is complete! The center-front of our MDJ Youth Compassion Center has been finished beautifully - but we still need your help for phase 2! Donate here to help us complete this important project.

The completed front-center of the Youth Compassion Center

Phase 2 of construction has begun


You may have seen us share the exciting news about our upcoming project, building a Youth Compassion Center in Mudanjiang - well, we're excited to share that phase 1 of the center construction has begun!

The Youth Compassion Center will become a local hub for the youth of Mudanjiang, giving them a place to play, study and spend time recreationally - and most importantly, learn about the beautiful companionship and love that dogs bring into our lives.

Mudanjiang is one one of China's most prevalent dog-eating cities (second only to Yulin), and by creating this center here, we hope to change the hearts and minds of future generations to eliminate the dog meat trade once and for all.

This center can hold up to 30 people at any time, so we conservatively forecast that we can see 10,950 young people come through this facility in year one alone! That's a lot of hearts and minds that we can change about the value of dogs in society.

To make this happen, we need your help.

Donate to Duo Duo Project today!

Your gift will open it's doors soon.

Help Us Complete This Center!

Your gift will complete this much needed center.

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