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Call To Compassion

Every year, more than 10 million dogs and 4 million cats are captured and slaughtered by this black market trade. Many of them are stolen pets.

Why does this happen?

Sadly, many people who support this trade—or look the other way—have never known a loving pet. This perpetuates a lack of compassion for our four-legged companions and allows the practice of eating dog and cat meat to continue.

The mindset isn’t surprising given that pets were once prohibited under old communist rules. Fortunately, today most people in China—especially young people—do not eat dogs or cats. But many of them ignore the trade because they’ve never learned what dogs and cats can mean to a family.

How can we make a difference?

Duo Duo Project has proven that when people are given the opportunity to experience dogs and cats—hold them, play with them, and care for them at our shelters—those people are less likely to abuse animals, eat dogs or cats, or support the dog and cat meat trade.

We launched the ‘Call to Compassion’ campaign in December 2022 because we know that fostering compassion, kindness, and respect for dogs and cats is key to ending the horrors of the dog and cat meat trade.

For 10 years, our team has been building a broad coalition of activists worldwide and on the ground in China to save animals through community outreach, animal care, and humane advocacy. Strategically and steadily, we've made significant progress, but there's much more work ahead. And we can't do it without you!

Here are some details of our Call to Compassion Campaign:

> Build stronger systems for animal care

With efforts like our Trap, Neuter, and Release (TNR) programs in Guangzhou, Beijing along with the dog shelters we've opened in Mudanjiang and Yulin, we're keeping more dogs and cats safe and out of the hands of a heartless trade.

> Help more people understand what pets mean to humans

With support from animal lovers like you, Duo Duo Project hosts animal welfare camps and recently built an experiential Youth Compassion Center to reach more people in communities where the trade is strong. Our events and programs have proven that when people know and understand dogs and cats, they’re much more likely to have respect and compassion for animals—and see dogs and cats as family not food.

> Support animal welfare advocacy and law enforcement

We’re on the ground year-round in China working tirelessly with activists, business people, lawyers, and officials to curtail illegal trade. A few years ago, we helped get dog meat dishes off the menus of China’s biggest meal delivery service—a historic win!

> Establish a "Compassion City" training and certification program

Select cities committed to banning the dog and cat meat trade will be invited to partner with Duo Duo Project. We will bring best practices to these cities and train teams on how to humanely control stray populations, shelter rescued animals, encourage adoption, and enforce animal welfare laws. When all facets of the programs have been successfully implemented, cities will earn the coveted designation and be promoted worldwide as a ‘Compassion City.’

We believe kindness and respect for dogs and cats are a gateway to a more compassionate world. Along with ensuring safe and happy lives for pets, imagine your contribution to humanity as we work together to cultivate compassion and transform hearts and minds in cities across China!

Thank you for coming to the rescue of our lovable furry friends! Together, we’re creating a more caring and compassionate world for all animals and humans.

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