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On the Lunar new year, the year of Tiger, we like to share some facts about the dog and cat meat trade.

Did you know that dog eating and cat eating are not part of Chinese culture?

Greetings from the Mudanjiang staff and dogs on Lunar New Year.

The fact that dog meat or cat meat is not part of the big Lunar new year's eve dinner in China (it's even a taboo), shows that this backward practice is really not part of Chinese culture. Even in Yulin, China, where the infamous annual dog meat festival is held, no one eats dog meat during the Lunar New Year holiday.

Dog and cat eating is just an old, backward habit that is still held by a very small portion of the Chinese population. But as the saying goes: old habits die hard. And the dog and cat meat trade generate a lot of illegal and easy money. So resistance is fierce from the traders.

Duo Duo Project's mission is to end the dog and cat meat trade- so we will carry on against all odds to end this cruel trade for our beloved dogs and cats.

Click here for more information on the Mudanjiang shelter.

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