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MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: We're building a Youth Compassion Centre in MDJ!

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Duo Duo Project is building a YOUTH COMPASSION CENTER in the heart of the dog meat trade, MudanJiang, to change hearts and minds and ultimately put an end to the consumption of dog meat.

With your donations over the years, Duo Duo Project has sponsored many successful youth education programs in China, and we've been amazed to see the difference it makes in future generations' attitudes towards dog meat consumption. Now, we have our eyes set on pushing for improved animal welfare laws in China.

Young people are playing an extremely important role in pushing legislation that will outlaw the dog meat trade in China forever. That's why we have decided to build a youth center in MudanJiang (MDJ), one of China's most prevalent dog-eating cities, second only to Yulin. MDJ is the only city in China that has two legalized dog slaughterhouses.

In the last two years, your donations have helped us transform a run-down building in MDJ into a shelter that now takes in dogs that would have been slaughtered if not for you.

The building in MDJ before...

...and after! Your donation helped us transform a run-down building into a functional shelter. Because of you, 78 dogs were spared from being butchered and now have a forever home with a lot of friends .

Now we are embarking on another major construction project in the heart of MDJ.

We are building a Compassion Center, aimed at youth, which will give young people of this city a place to hang out, have fun, exercise, and socialize with dogs and understand the value of dogs as friends not food. We are able to embark on this project in 2020 because this year we got certified as a legal NGO (nonprofit organization) in the city of MudanJiang, and we are now a trusted organization within the community - something that is very hard for any foreign NGO to achieve in China.

With your support and trust, we believe this Compassion Center will act as another important step toward our goal of ending the dog meat trade forever. Below is a first draft sketch of what we aim to build. We hope you are as excited as we are. Stay tuned. We will share more details with you in the coming weeks.

The proposed impact of this center

This center can hold up to 30 people at any time, so we conservatively forecast that we can see 10,950 young people come through this facility in year one alone!

That's a lot of hearts and minds that we can change about the value of dogs in society.

To make this happen, we need your help.

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