MDJ Update: Record low temperatures reported

We've shared a lot about the city of Mudanjiang (MDJ), China's most prevalent dog-eating cities second only to Yulin. We have an amazing team based there running our shelter for displaced dogs, which we were able to build in 2017 thanks to generous donors and supporters such as yourself. But did you know the destination experiences dangerously cold winters?

MDJ is located in the north-east side of China and is very close to Russia, which means the city endures long and brutal winters due to the Siberian cold front. Recently, MDJ reported a record low temperature of -27 celcius or -16.6 fahrenheit.

We are so proud of our team in Mudanjiang who are consistently resourceful and proactive when it comes to taking care of the dogs and the shelter as a whole. Every winter they are able to locate abandoned wood for the shelter furnace to keep our animals warm, and were thrilled to obtain a huge batch of wood right before the recent storms hit.

We'd love to share with you these beautiful photos of the dogs at the shelter, having fun and playing in the snow - just like our own dogs at home! Enjoy browsing the below gallery!

More on MDJ and our team soon.

Stay tuned!

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