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MDJ Youth Compassion Center UPDATE: Phase 2 - Interior Renovations

We have now reached 30% of our goal for the Mudanjiang Youth Compassion Center! Phase 2 of the construction, Interior Renovations, is in full swing as we paint and prepare the interior of the building.

Donate to Phase 2 of construction here!

Our new Youth Compassion Center in Mudanjiang will be a hub for local youth to play, study and most importantly, learn about the beautiful companionship and love that dogs bring into our lives.

The importance of this center is crucial, as it is based in one of China's most prevalent dog-eating cities (second only to Yulin). By creating this center here, we hope to change the hearts and minds of future generations to eliminate the dog meat trade once and for all.

To make this happen, we need your help.

Donate to Duo Duo Project today!

Your gift will help us to complete this much needed center

We look forward to keeping you posted on the progress. Thank you for believing in us and taking this bold step by our side. The Center will create real change in the hub of one of China's biggest dog-eating cities, and we can't wait to see it all happen.

Donate to Phase 2 today!

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