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The pulse of two cities

Thanks to you, we are able to have paid staff in Yulin and Mudanjiang, two cities in China where we don't totally rely on volunteers as we do in the other cities. As you know, Yulin and Mudanjiang are the two major dog-eating cities in China.

We need to have our fingers on the pulse in those two cities. One of our team's jobs is to drive around and pay attention to the dog meat restaurants and see any changes.

If there is any newly opened dog meat restaurant, we will report it to the local government right away because more than likely, they are open illegally. Luckily, there have not been any new ones for a while.

And recently, the team sent us these two photos and news.

One of the major dog meat restaurants in a busy business district in Mudanjiang went out of business. One of our team members talked with the the new owner and learned that she is planning to open a supermarket.

They also spotted a dog meat restaurant doing so poorly compared to the other restaurants.

A dog meat restaurant in the heart of the city went out of business. The new owner was remodeling.

Dog meat restaurant has no business (in the foreground) compared to his pork noodle neighbor (red umbrellas).

Thank you for being part of this "end the dog and cat meat trade" movement. Please stay hopeful and connected with us.

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