Artist: D. C. Wong

Frame and mat dimensions: 16"x20"; Painting 12"x16"


D. C. Wong, Chinese American.

Specialize in birds and beasts, have already formed an insoluble bond with animals. Wong started with oil painting, after becoming a world-renowned artist: Zheng Yuebo’s disciple, Wong gave up Western painting and started the semi-abstract style, he still focuses on birds and beasts theme. The body movements of those animals and languages are all expressed by Wong’s excellent line works and inks with a very humane interpretation. 

Wong owned an art frame studio from 2006 to 2019 in Mountain View for 13 years

Now is retired in Fremont, California


A great supporter of the Duo Duo project!

汪丁甲,學名汪登甲,D. C. Wong, 1947 丁亥年,生肖豬,祖籍南京。1971年由臺北來美,經營多種領域商業事務24載。





P1008: Framed Chinese Painting; Original;Border Collie