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Shelter and Rescue Support

Learn about the history of the Duo Duo Project, our mission, the work we have done and about Duo Duo (多多), the $10 dog who inspired a whole movement fighting the dog meat trade. 

We sponsor shelters in China strategically. Our shelters are mostly located in dog eating cities. We also work with local activists to provide care for dogs rescued from the dog meat trade.


Andrea Gung, Duo Duo's founder and executive director, was on a trip to China when she discovered a dog locked in a dirty room, neglected and without food.


Andrea began to feed the dog through a small window each day. She was heartbroken to learn that the dog would be butchered for the dog meat trade.

A quote from Dr. Martin Luther King flashed in Andrea's mind:

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter."

Says Andrea, "I knew I had to do something to end the dog meat trade and close the slaughterhouses. That something was the Duo Duo Project."

Andrea rescued this dog and she became our mascot. Her name, Duo Duo (多多), means abundance in Chinese. Andrea wanted Duo Duo to have an abundance of love.  Duo Duo now lives happily with her American family in Oakland, California.

Our mission is simple - the humane and cruelty-free treatment of dogs and all living things. We fight to eventually end the dog meat trade in China and across the world. 

Our outreach projects and programs help communities where they need it most, and are supported by our relationships with similar focused groups. 

Woman holding rescue dog affectionately - Duo Duo Project



Duo Duo with her Mom, Martha  

Duo Duo Project works to bring the East and West together for a more compassionate world.

We have three core programs that educate and impact communities where the dog meat trade remains a problem:

  1. Education and outreach

  2. Shelter support and dog rescue

  3. Spay and neuter programs

Learn more about Duo Duo's initiatives and our impact on the community. 

Little girl smiling holding hands with a rescue dog

Duo Duo with her sister Elyane

Duo Duo is a not-for-profit, legally registered charitable organisation and recognised by Guidestar with a gold rating for 'seal of transparency.' Our EIN number is 46-2519733. ​​Visit Duo Duo's Guidestar profile.