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With advocacy and education programs like free spay/neuter training, community outreach, shelter support, and more, Duo Duo Project has a multifaceted approach to ending the dog meat trade and creating a better world for man’s best friend.


Volunteers feeding water to desperate rescue dogs - Duo Duo Project

Education and Community Outreach

Shelter Support & Dog Rescue

While many people in China are world-class dog lovers, others see them as something to be used or feared. And some people are simply indifferent. With events like Animal Welfare Camps, Pet Parades, Costume Contests, and Adoption Days, we’re changing that.

We do not vilify people who steal, torture, and eat dogs but instead work to demonstrate that every dog - whether a pure-breed or a mixed breed - has much to offer and deserves to be treated humanely.

We work with local animal activists in cities where the torture, killing, and consumption of dogs is still rampant. We help setting up triage and provide medical treatments when a dog meat truck is intercepted on its way to a dog slaughterhouse.

When activists intercept dog meat trucks we help set up triage and provide shelter and veterinary care. Our shelters are mostly located in dog eating cities

Spay and Neuter Programs

We bring top-notch veterinary teams from Taiwan and the US to train local clinicians on how to perform safer, large-scale, cost-effective spay and neuter operations.


These programs seriously disrupt the availability of dogs and cats who are at great risk of being captured, sold, and killed in the slaughterhouses.

We also believe that providing these services enables more animal adoptions. In congested urban areas, families do not have to worry about taking care of unexpected litters.

Man wears dog costume at animal welfare outreach event
Busy volunteers inside a dog rescue shelter
Volunteers attending dog spay session at Vet clinic


While the vast majority of people in China do not eat dogs, the practice continues in some cities  because it’s still believed to bring luck. Duo Duo is on the ground in those cities. Unfortunately meat trade suppliers fan out across China often poisoning and stealing pet dogs then transporting them thousands of miles under brutal conditions.


Help us create a better world for dogs globally

-Until every dog is a loved dog.