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Inspirational mountains - Duo Duo Project


Founded by a Chinese American woman who understands what’s needed and what works, Duo Duo is now the recognized leader driving meaningful change on several fronts. Our approach does not vilify but instead works with empathy to serve animals and humans alike.


Kids in Yulin, China playing with a rescue dog
Volunteers feeding water to desperate rescue dogs - Duo Duo Project



The Duo Duo team is partnering with everyone from activists and city leaders to entrepreneurs. 

We do not condemn the people in China who operate and support the cruel trade and dog meat festivals. Instead, we take a culturally conscious approach and recognize that most people have known no other way.


Duo Duo Project hosts events where people see first hand that dogs and cats  contribute significantly to human well-being. We introduce hundreds of kids to their first lovable dogs and cats. And we’re even providing jobs to people who might otherwise work in the meat trade. 

Thanks to the measurable impact we’ve made over 8 years, the government in Mudanjiang, a city known for its dog and cat meat trade, has recognized Duo Duo Project as a registered NGO. That means we’re able to accomplish much more than other organizations working outside the system. This year we opened a Youth Compassion Center where kids can get together and play with fun, friendly dogs.

Duo Duo Project collaborates with local animal activists in cities where the consumption of dog and cat is still rampant. When trucks full of dogs bound for the slaughterhouse are intercepted, our team helps set up triage and provides medical treatment for these terrified animals.


We provide safe, comfortable shelter for rescues from the transport truck as well as strays whose lives on the streets are tragic. Some of these lucky shelter dogs become Duo Duo’s Ambassadors and participate in our “meet-a-real-dog!’ events. 

Busy volunteers inside a dog rescue shelter



The Duo Duo team is working towards a nationwide animal welfare law in China. This massive undertaking is more challenging in an authoritarian system, but Duo Duo Project and its partners are making steady progress by focusing on achievable projects. For example, dog meat was on menu on China's largest food delivery platform, (餓了嗎). We collaborated with local organizations and convinced’s leadership that beyond food safety issues there would be negative publicity around this illegal black market trade. The popular social platform has announced that restaurants serving dog meat would be removed from its platform. 

We’re working to provide good, safe jobs to people who would otherwise be working to transport, slaughter, or serve dog and cat meat. From working in our popular doggie cafe in Yulin to sewing our tote bags and pet bandanas, we’re making change last. 

Our Youth Compassion Center in Mudanjiang employs several young people whose families used to eat dogs. These kids are some of our most effective advocates!

Veterinarian demonstrating pet desexing to students


Duo Duo brings veterinary teams from Taiwan and the U.S. who train local clinicians to conduct safe, large-scale spay and neuter operations. These programs disrupt the availability of dogs and cats who are at serious risk of being poisoned, captured, and killed. Mixed-breed dogs are particularly at risk because they’re thought of as undesirable. 

We will soon be spearheading a Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) initiative in Yulin and Mudanjiang to keep stray cats healthy. Making sure more pets are neutered means more families can confidently adopt dogs and cats because they won’t have to manage and pay for unexpected litters. 


While the majority of Chinese people don’t eat dogs or cats, the practice continues because it’s still believed to bring good luck and health. The two cities Duo Duo Project focuses on are Yulin, in the Guangzhou province and Mudanjiang in Heilongjiang province. Suppliers to the meat trade fan out across China capturing strays and stealing pet dogs then transporting them thousands of miles under brutal conditions


Help us save innocent pets and strays from the grip of this horrific trade. 

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