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Be a part of the
Duo Duo Pack!

Help us put an end to the backward and barbaric practice of eating dogs and cats.


Leading up to the infamous Yulin Dog Meat Festival on June 21 we need to flood the Web with images of our precious pets. Let’s tell the world that we oppose this brutal event by showing how much we love and respect our companion animals.


Just upload your pet’s pic and a short message and we’ll turn it into a graphic as you see here. Then we’ll post it to and to our social profiles.

Upload File

Here are some of the messages we received from pets and their peeps. Write your own message or use one of these.


  • Hang in there, pups and cats. We’re fighting for you.

  • Hey, I’m family, NOT food.

  • We are beautiful companions to humans.

  • I deserve compassion and respect. And treats!

  • My buddy and I send hope to animals trapped in the meat trade

Thanks for being a part of our Duo Duo Pack! Your support will help us bring a faster end to the dog and cat meat trades and foster compassion for animals.

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