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June 17, 2023



In celebration of Duo Duo Project’s 10th anniversary,

we thank you for participating our International Pet Appreciation Day photo contest.




Please upload your pet’s pic with a short message why you appreciate your animal companion.

Selected photos will be shared on our social media with a statement of support:

We support Duo Duo Project’s mission to end the dog and cat meat trade and create a more compassionate world for animals and humans.

The top 10 photos will be exhibited at our main International Pet Appreciation Day Rally in Sunnyvale, California, on June 17. Let’s combat the cruelty of the Yulin Festival with an international outpouring of love as we honor the animals with whom we share our lives. 

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Here are some messages we received about pets. Write your own message or use one of these.


I appreciate pets because...

  • They make me laugh,

  • They help me feel loved.

  • They’re precious companions to humans.

  • They’re our FAVORITE member of the family 🙂.

  • They teach us to be better people.

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