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Support Duo Duo Project This Holiday Season

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Do you want to help Duo Duo Project this holiday season? Give a gift that gives! Below are 3 ways that you can make a difference for Duo Duo Project.

1. Action for Compassion

For the last 10 years, Duo Duo Project teams have been on the ground in China, 365 days a year! Our projects have changed the hearts and minds of countless people, helping them see dogs and cats as family, not food. 

With your help, we will be able to take the next big step towards ending the brutal dog and cat meat trade in China, a nationwide spay and neuter program! This program will improve the welfare and health of stray dogs and cats and will reduce the number of strays that are stolen off the streets to supply the dog and cat meat trade.

Your generous gift to our Action for Compassion campaign this holiday season will help us achieve this and lay the groundwork for larger initiatives in 2024 and beyond such as establishing our first animal clinic in China!

Your support will also help us to:

  • Provide free spay and neuter services and animal care for stray animals

  • Create a mobile team to increase access to free spay and neuter services

  • Serve as a spay and neuter training base for veterinarians from other cities

Take Action for Compassion today to help us create a more compassionate tomorrow for the dogs and cats in China. Please make a gift in a loved one's name, or encourage your civic organization to make a gift, to our Action for Compassion campaign by clicking here!

2. Shop at the Duo Duo Project Store for the Holidays

Are you still shopping for gifts for family, friends, or yourself? Look no further than the Duo Duo Project  Store!

In our online store you can find:

  • Duo Duo Project totes and clothing

  • Jewelry

  • Home decor

  • Kitchen accessories

  • Digital portraits

  • Donated items

  • Donations and virtual gifts

By shopping with Duo Duo Project, you’re helping to end the cruel dog and cat meat trade in China. Click here to shop for a special Duo Duo Project gift!

3. Little Trees That Make a Huge Difference

Do you want to find ways to support Duo Duo Project in your community? Here’s a simple and effective way that you can raise awareness while celebrating the magic of the season. 

A Duo Duo Project team member’s local coffee shop arranged this adorable little giving tree that has ornaments with the names and websites of organizations that could use some help. Do you see the Duo Duo Project ornament?  

Giving trees can be easily set up at:

  • Your workplace

  • Gym 

  • Library 

  • Local cafes and restaurants

  • Community centers 

Let us know in the comments how you plan to support Duo Duo Project this holiday season, thank you! Happy holidays from all of us at Duo Duo Project!

Stay in touch with Duo Duo Project, sign up for our newsletter below! 


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