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Each year, millions of dogs are cruelly snatched from their owners or from the streets and forced into tiny cages. They travel long distances to the slaughterhouse whilst injured, starved and dehydrated.


Duo Duo’s Freedom Tail operates on the ground to transport the dogs intercepted and rescued from meat trucks and slaughterhouses in China to the USA, where they are adopted into loving forever homes.


Your support can save a life. Help make these dog rescue missions a success by sponsoring a dog to reach their new home and start a new life without fear.

Hello, my name is Ben Lee. I am one of the lucky ones who was rescued from the slaughterhouse. I am 3 years old. I am a bit shy around strangers but will warm up to you very quickly if you are friendly to me. I don't like it when people to grab my neck, because the dog thief and butcher all grabbed me by my neck using a big, scary clamp. I hate that feeling. I also don't like big dogs because I am quite small.
I get along with people and small dogs. I think I am a good boy, but they told me that I like to steal food. I don't know about that... I thought the food was left there for me!
Hi, my name is Hei Hei (Hai Hai). I am 2.5-year-old girl. I came from a slaughterhouse but managed to escape the nightmare. I still don't like wearing a collar because it reminds me of how I was choked by the big metal clamp in the slaughterhouse. I am OK with a harness though.
I am friendly to people and other dogs. I am a very good guard dog because I am always the first to bark when there is a stranger at the door. One of the caretakers here think I bark too much, I disagree. I was just doing my job. Btw, I love getting belly rubs.
Hi, my name is XiaoBai (little white). I am a 4.5 year shy boy. I was one of the first slaughterhouse rescues. My girlfriend and my other pals all got taken to the US like Chicago and California, but I was left behind because of my shyness. Rescuers worried about me being not adoptable since I had a few "reactive bites" in the early years. I am older now and not as shy as before. I still have many moments of being reserved, but if you knew what I have gone through and witnessed in the slaughterhouse, you would understand. I don't think I can do well with kids because I get spooked easily. I need a very calm and patient family, one that would consider me as a family member. I will give you my appreciation and a gratifying experience you never had.
Hello, my name is Arnold. I am 3 years old. I got rescued from a slaughterhouse in Yulin. I lived in dirty, crowded cage with my friends. I have recovered from the trauma and doing well with people and my fellow dogs. If you ask me, I think I am a well-behaved cute boy, but they complain about me liking to dig and not being very obedient. Oh well.
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It’s estimated that over 10 million dogs in China are captured and slaughtered for their meat each year.


Duo Duo works to create lasting change in China and to eliminate the consumption of dog meat forever. While we are not primarily a rescue group, we work to help the dogs that simply have no future in China. Sadly, these dogs are deemed unlovable because they’re too big, shy, “ugly” or just of a mixed breed. These pups are the ones we work to bring to the U.S.A, where they have a much higher chance of being adopted into loving forever families. 


The dogs we have rescued are our invaluable ambassadors, and their newfound happiness reminds us everyday of just why the dog meat trade must be stopped. 

Your sponsorship gives unloved dogs a new chance at life.

Through Freedom Tail, you can choose a dog to save and contribute funds to provide their safe transport from China to the U.S. 


With any dog you sponsor, our team will keep you up to date through emails, pictures and videos about your dog’s journey. 


After your lucky pooch arrives safely in the U.S., we’ll let you know and you’ll receive a “I Saved A Life!” certificate.


If you’d like to learn more about fostering a dog in the US, please reach out to