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Disturbing Revelations from Yulin

We have received heart-wrenching news from an activist in Yulin, China, where the infamous Yulin dog meat “festival” is held annually.

Our activist friend shared with us a horrifying incident he just witnessed - a large truck loaded with many dogs tightly crammed into small cages. The cages were being callously tossed to the ground from the towering transport truck. Alone and outnumbered, the activist could not intervene, leaving him haunted by the helpless animals he couldn't save.

This photo isn't from this specific incident, but it encapsulates the typical conditions of past truck sightings.

Transforming Hearts and Minds

This heartbreaking and infuriating news underscores the urgency of our mission and the critical need to expedite our nationwide spay and neuter program which aims to reduce the supply of strays falling victim to cruel dog and cat meat traders. 

Thanks to our caring and generous supporters, we raised enough funds from our 2023 year-end campaign to kick off this important project this year. With continued support from caring people like you, we believe we can raise enough money to finish this major undertaking in 2024. 

This is a reminder of the importance of our collective commitment to transforming hearts and minds. Our goal is to turn China's dog and cat meat-eating communities into dog and cat-loving communities. While it's easy to get lost in the despair of it all, we must keep our focus and continue the crucial work ahead.

Staying Strong in the Face of Adversity

There will be tough days, but you can count on us to stay focused and uphold our track record of progress. It's essential to acknowledge the difficulties and equally important to celebrate the victories, both big and small.

  • The South Korean National Assembly recently decided to outlaw the dog meat trade.

  • Activists in Hangzhou, China, recently intercepted a truck carrying more than 1,000 cats destined for slaughter. 

  • In 2020, the two major Chinese cities of Shenzhen and Zhuhai implemented bans on the consumption of dog and cat meat. 

Your continued support is the driving force behind our ability to make a tangible difference. Thanks to you, Duo Duo Project is ten years strong with an established and dedicated local Chinese team working tirelessly 365 days a year to end the dog and cat meat trade once and for all. As we navigate these challenging circumstances, it is crucial to leverage the power of our community to amplify our cause. Let's work together to raise awareness of these appalling practices and garner the support needed to make a lasting impact in Yulin and beyond. 

A Call to Action

This is not just a plea for empathy; it's a call to action. We invite you to share this post, to raise awareness, and to stand with us in our pursuit of ending the dog and cat meat trade. Your voice matters, and together, we can make a meaningful impact. Thank you for being on this long, difficult journey with us. Your support means the world to our team and all of the dogs and cats saved by your love and generosity.

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