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Duo Duo Project is focused solely on ending the brutal dog and cat meat trade in China. We’re making real progress and working all year-round to ensure that dogs and cats are seen as family rather than food. Learn more about the Yulin Festival history and help us stop the Yulin dog meat festival and all celebrations of dog & cat cruelty.


It's estimated that 10 million dogs and 4 million cats are slaughtered annually in the illegal meat trade, and many of them are stolen pets. Please help the Duo Duo Project end the animal suffering and torturous meat trade in China.

How Duo Duo (多多) Began:

Duo Duo is the name of a dog who was saved from going to the slaughterhouse by our founder.


For just $10, she was rescued and given a new lease on life. Since then, Andrea Gung and a global tribe of volunteers have been working hard to make sure that innocent dogs and cats don't fall victim to the inhumane meat industry in China.

Canines, (our favourite companion animals) have been part of human societies around the world for millennia.


In China, dogs have long been kept as pets and working companion animals as well. However, the dog meat trade in china still continues, leading to the mass slaughter of all dogs for human consumption. 

Duo Duo - the $10 rescue dog from China - Duo Duo Project

Our Mission

We work with people in China to end the dog and cat meat trade by helping everyone see that it's wrong to eat dog, because animals contribute to human well-being and deserve to be treated with compassion.

Through community outreach, animal care, and humane advocacy we're changing hearts and minds. It's important to note that not everyone eats dog in China. The majority of Chinese people have not eaten dog meat, and they are against dog meat consumption. Dog meat sales have been declining over recent years as the dog meat trade gains more negative attention.

This cruel industry not only destroys the lives of millions of companion animals each year, but it also poses a serious threat to public health.

We are an animal protection organization fighting to stop the dog meat trade and raise awareness about the plight of these companion animals.

By working to end this cruel industry, we can help create a more humane and compassionate world for all.


From introducing kids to their first real dog to providing new jobs for meat trade workers we’ve been on the ground in China for 8 years working against animal cruelty. Our grassroots team is having a measurable impact by focusing on these areas:

A Chinese community participating in animal welfare outreach program
Volunteers playing with rescue dogs at a shelter - Duo Duo Project
照片 2247_edited.jpg




Our events bring loving dogs and young people together and help adults see dogs as invaluable companions rather than objects to be used or feared. From our popular animal welfare summer camps in dog eating cities, like Yulin, to our busy doggie cafe, we’re enriching lives and fostering a more compassionate society.

We sponsor shelters in dog and cat-eating cities and help activists treat desperate animals when meat trucks are intercepted. Our innovative spay and neuter initiative has disrupted the trade by reducing the number of stray dogs and cats who often fall victim to the trade.

Only a small percentage of Chinese people in a few cities still eat dogs and cats. Most Chinese families value their pets and want this torturous practice to end. We support activists who are working to persuade civic leaders to strengthen and enforce animal welfare laws, including those that prohibit the torturous transport and slaughter of dogs and cats.


Your donation means a humane future for animals across China. With the help of brave young people on the ground, we're making real progress.


We are dog lovers and dog owners, just like you, help us stop the on-going Chinese trade in stolen dogs, and put an end to dog thieves once and for all.


Many organizations who are also fighting China's dog meat trade only go to China once a year. Our DuoDuo Project team is in China every day.


Sign up with us, stay current and help us save dogs and cats in China. Just click below to begin receiving news & updates!

Our teams and collaborators are at the front of this movement. Catch up on the challenges and progress here. And please share a story or two with your compassionate friends! 

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Duo Duo Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
All donations are tax deductible.

Our tax I.D. is 46-2519733.

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