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Duo Duo Project is one of the only not-for-profit organizations solely dedicated to ending the dog meat trade forever. Our mission began with our love of dogs, but it's sustained by our faith in humanity. By fighting senseless cruelty and promoting canine companionship, we aim to close all slaughterhouses that supply dog meat and end the consumption of dog meat across the world. Help Duo Duo today and join thousands of others fighting to end the dog meat trade.

How Duo Duo (多多) Began:

The $10 Dog

Duo Duo shares its name with a brave little rescue dog from China. Once destined to become a victim of the dog meat trade, Duo Duo the dog - now adopted to a loving family - inspired our movement for the humane treatment of all dogs.

Duo Duo - the $10 rescue dog from China - Duo Duo Project

Our Mission

Humanity against the dog meat trade.


We're committed to fostering compassion for all living things - starting with every dog everywhere.


From helping people see the profound value of dogs to providing alternative livelihoods for meat trade workers, we want to give every dog the future they deserve.


Every day we fight to help people see dogs as family, not food. We run grassroots education, outreach to dog rescue and sheltering groups and large-scale spay and neutering programs. Learn more about these programs today:

Education for the Community

Rescue Missions

& Dog Shelters

Vet Spay & Neuter Programs

Our community events bring loving dogs and young people together and help adults see dogs as invaluable members of the community rather than objects to be used or feared.

We combine our advocacy work with on-the-ground animal welfare. We sponsor shelters in dog eating cities and help activists treat desperate animals when meat trucks are intercepted.

Large scale spay and neuter programs are essential to the disruption of the meat trade. Mixed-breed dogs are particularly at risk because, sadly,  they’re seen as sub standard. 


Your donation will help us create a humane future for more dogs in China. From hosting “get-to-know-a-real-dog” events to supporting activists intercepting transport trucks, Duo Duo is on the ground making a difference. And we make every dollar count!


Throughout the US and China we have volunteers making real progress. Let us keep you in the loop!


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We need people like you in our movement! To learn more about our projects, events and how you can help, please fill in the form below. We will of course keep your information to ourselves. Stay in touch through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too!

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