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Shelter and Rescue Support

Every year thousands of dogs are senselessly killed for their meat in Yulin, China. Duo Duo Project needs your help to shut down the Yulin dog meat festival and end the dog meat trade forever.

We sponsor shelters in China strategically. Our shelters are mostly located in dog eating cities. We also work with local activists to provide care for dogs rescued from the dog meat trade.


Each year, thousands of dogs are captured off the streets or stolen from their families and viciously slaughtered to be eaten in Yulin, China for their “Lychee and Dog Meat Festival”.


These dogs are forced to travel long distances in horrendous conditions; crammed together into tiny cages for days without food or water. Some dogs suffocate or die from illness before reaching the festival.

By the time they arrive at the dog meat markets, injured, sick, and dying, they are killed in the cruelest of ways: bludgeoned to death with a stick.

Duo Duo volunteers work tirelessly every year to end the Yulin festival permanently. We’ve seen real progress too—the number of dogs slaughtered is dropping significantly, with 2020 seeing an all-time low turnout as a result of COVID-19.

A volunteer petting a trapped dog during a truck rescue. 

#YULIN365: The dog meat trade is a year-round problem

The Yulin festival is estimated to only account for 0.01% of the dogs killed annually across China for their meat, which places the real number of slaughtered dogs at around 10 million each year.

So while the Yulin festival represents part of the problem, the reality is far worse, darker and more violent than you can imagine. It’s also taking place 365 days a year.

That’s why DuoDuo’s focus is to shut down not only Yulin dog meat festival but to shut down the entire dog meat trade, forever.

Our campaign #Yulin365 emphasizes that dogs aren't just eaten during Yulin. To spark permanent change, we need to raise awareness about the dog meat trade that is happening all year round. 

Help us end the dog meat trade forever: actions you can take

Duo Duo is completely volunteer-run and we need your help to completely wipe out the dog meat trade.

You can make a difference in a number of ways:

Donate to our dog rescue missions and education programs

We’re on the ground everyday to support dogs rescued from trucks and slaughterhouses and to give them a new start in life. Funds go toward their food, shelter, spay/neutering and eventual adoption. 

Meanwhile, our grassroots education programs work directly in dog-eating communities including Yulin to help people see dogs as friends, not food. We also campaign toward local governments to make the dog meat trade and consumption illegal.

Sponsor a rescue dog and give them a new start in life

Through our Freedom Tail campaign, DuoDuo rehomes dogs who are deemed ‘unlovable’ in China because they are too big, shy, “ugly” or of a mixed breed.

By sponsoring a rescue dog, you will be supporting their journey and safe transport to the United States where they will be given a second chance by loving adoptive families.

Help us spread the message about Yulin Festival and #Yulin365

Ask your friends, family and social media networks to get involved and spread the word about not only Yulin Festival but the horrific reality of the illegal dog meat trade and #Yulin365. Together, we can all make a greater difference.

You can follow DuoDuo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up-to-date with our efforts to end the dog meat trade forever. 

Duo Duo is a not-for-profit, legally registered charitable organisation and recognised by Guidestar with a gold rating for 'seal of transparency.' Our EIN number is 46-2519733. ​​Visit Duo Duo's Guidestar profile.


Help us create a better world for dogs globally

-Until every dog is a loved dog.

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