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National Pet Memorial Day

September 10, 2023

To commemorate National Pet Memorial Day, we want to celebrate the lives of the furry family members that you’ve loved and lost.


To help us, please upload a photograph of your pet, with a short story or memory about them.


Selected photos will be shared on our social media with a statement of support:

"We support Duo Duo Project’s mission to end the dog and cat meat trade and create a more compassionate world for animals and humans.”

Selected photos will be posted on our social media on National Pet Memorial Day, Sunday September 10, 2023. Together, let’s fight against the dog and cat meat trade of the Yulin Festival by celebrating the legacy of your furry family members.


If you’re struggling to write, here are some ideas below:

  •  A time your pet helped you

  • How your pet changed your life

  • A funny memory such as when your pet ate your child’s homework (it happens!)

  • The little things about your pet that made them uniquely special

  • Comfort your pet gave you

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