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National Pet Memorial Day




To honor National Pet Memorial Day.

We’re celebrating the lives of pets you’ve loved and lost. ​





Please upload a photograph of your precious pet, along with a short story or memory about them. ​

We 'll share select tributes on our social media and our Pet Memorial Page with this message:

All dogs and cats deserve to be loved. Please join me to support the Duo Duo Project’s mission to end the dog and cat meat trade and build a more compassionate world"

Let’s fight the dog and cat meat trade and the infamous Yulin Festival by celebrating the legacy of your pets.

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Here are some ideas to help you create your memorial:

  • A time your pet helped you

  • How your pet changed your life

  • A funny memory such as when your pet ate your kid's homework (it happens!)

  • The things that made your companion so special.

  • Comfort your pet gave you

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