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Host, Attend, or Support Our International Pet Appreciation Rally

Join the Movement!

Dear Friends of Duo Duo Project,

With excitement buzzing in our hearts, we're gearing up for our second annual Pet Appreciation Rally, set to kick off on June 1 at Union Square in San Francisco! This event marks the beginning of a month-long celebration, where rallies both large and small will echo our collective love for our furry family members across the globe.

Our International Pet Appreciation Rally is more than just a gathering of pet enthusiasts—it's a unified stance against the cruelty of the Yulin Dog Meat "Festival" happening in Yulin, China, on June 21. It's a testament to the compassion and advocacy that thrives within each one of us. We understand the passion you hold for our four-legged friends, and we want to make it easy for you to be a part of this meaningful cause, whether by hosting, attending, or supporting a rally.

1. Host a Rally

Hosting a rally is simpler than you might imagine! Gather 10 or more kindred spirits—friends, family, or colleagues—at your chosen location, be it your backyard, a local dog park, your town square, or a pet-friendly establishment. We'll lend a hand in organizing the event, every step of the way.

Your rally can be as straightforward as a group photo opportunity with a banner we'll provide, or you can turn it into a lively affair, complete with treats and games for both the two-legged and four-legged attendees!

To kickstart your rally, please complete an International Pet Appreciation Rally Organizer Form or reach out to Christy at The deadline for sign-ups is May 7, 2024, so let's make it happen together!

2. Virtual Rally

Can't make it to a physical event? No problem! Join our virtual rally by ​uploading your pet’s photo here with a short message about why you appreciate them (like photo below). Your photo will be shared on our social media platforms and selected photos will be exhibited at our June 1 rally at Union Square in San Francisco.

You can also spread awareness on your own social media platforms! Share photos, stories, and resources using #PetAppreciationRally to amplify our message and inspire others to join the cause from anywhere in the world.

Together, let's make this International Pet Appreciation Rally a resounding success—a global chorus of love, compassion, and advocacy for our beloved companions.

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