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The Harsh Reality of the Illegal Dog Meat Trade in Yulin

We have always compared the illegal dog and cat meat trade in China with the drug trade. They both are operated by powerful gangsters.

The big difference is that no dog and cat meat traders have been sent to jail. Police don't care about this crime at all. But drug traders face the risk of a life sentence or execution in China.

A recent heartbreaking event epitomized the cruel reality of this trade's criminality and the brazen law violation.

You may know China has a zero-case Covid policy, so a lot of cities in China are locked down including Beijing and Shanghai. Most of the freeways in China are shut down and drivers are under strict inspections.

However, a dog truck loaded with approximately 1,000 dogs drove through four provinces, 1,100 miles with no problems, and got into Yulin to prepare for the upcoming "festival." Our Yulin team and local activists were at the Yulin highway entrance but didn't see the truck. They believe the truck went into an out-of-the-way village to slaughter dogs there.

There are many reasons why this truck was able to escape several inspections, but the bottom line is that the trade has made so much money in the last 20 years, that they have been able to build a powerful protection umbrella.

We are ANGRY and heartbroken. But once again it proves that the solution is in our hands. We firmly believe in our approaches: education, community outreach (reduce the consumption), and massive spay and neuter (reduce the supplies) are the most effective ways to end this cruel trade. Let's not have any false hope in their legal system.

To change a century-old habit is not easy, it takes time and patience. To take on a powerful and lucrative criminal trade is hard. But for the love of dogs and cats, we are even more determined to end this trade.

They are counting on us, and we thank you for being part of the fight.

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