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The horrifying reality of The Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Every year, thousands of dogs are captured off the street or stolen from their families for Yulin, China’s infamous festival. 


The dogs are shipped for thousands of miles under horrendous conditions. They are bludgeoned and their throats are cut in front of other terrified dogs


There are some simple actions you can take to stand against the dog and cat meat trade and this festival.


Download our “YULIN EXPOSED” eBooklet to learn more and share with your friends.


Follow us on social media and share our posts.

And please use the hashtags #EndYulinFestival and #StopEatingDogs.




We are a volunteer-run organization.

We are on the ground every day to support the dogs that are rescued from trucks and slaughterhouses so that they can have a new start in life.

Funds go toward their food, shelter, spay/neutering, and their eventual adoption.


The Duo Duo Project has one single mission:
to end the dog and cat meat trade forever.

Our volunteers on the front lines work tirelessly year-round to end the Yulin "festival" and to stop people from eating dogs and cats.

We’ve seen real progress. The number of dogs slaughtered is dropping significantly, with 2020 seeing an all-time low, from 10,000 dogs slaughtered at the 2016 "festival" to 3,000 dogs slaughtered in 2020.


But there is still much work to be done to end the Yulin festival and dog meat trade for good. You can help by donating below.

Our 3 Pronged Approach


Shelter & Dog Rescue

Veterinarian teaching students about animal spay & neuter - Duo Duo Project

Ending the Supply

Volunteers playing with rescue dogs at a shelter - Duo Duo Project

Education & Community Outreach

We’re on the ground every day to support dogs rescued from trucks and slaughterhouses and to give them a new start in life.

We work with local animal rights activists to assist in providing shelter and medical treatments when a dog meat truck is intercepted on its way to a dog slaughterhouse.

Large-scale spay and neuter programs are essential to the disruption of the meat trade. 


Reducing the population of available dogs not only reduces animal suffering but also increases the cost to slaughterhouses and to their customers. 

Our grassroots education programs are conducted in many dog-eating communities, including Yulin, to help people see dogs as our friends and not food.

We also work with local governments to pass legislation that makes the dog meat trade and the consumption of dogs and cats illegal.


Your donation will help us create a humane future for dogs and cats in China. From hosting animal welfare summer camps to supporting activists rescuing dogs and cats from the meat trade, Duo Duo Project is on the ground making a difference. And we make every dollar count!


Throughout the US and China we have volunteers making real progress. Let us keep you in the loop!

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Duo Duo Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
All donations are tax deductible.

Our tax I.D. is 46-2519733.

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