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We know that creating compassion for animals, especially dogs and cats, is the key to ending the dog and cat meat trade globally. Unfortunately, many children raised in the dog and cat-eating regions in China are not exposed to pets. Our programs have proven that when children are exposed to dogs and cats- when they hold them, feed them, and take care of them at our shelters - they are less likely to engage in animal abuse and enter the dog and cat meat trade.

Exposing more children to dogs and cats, and getting more of them out of poverty at the same time: that is our mission with 1+1=HAPPINESS. We pair one child in need with one of our shelter dogs or cats. The child receives financial assistance for their school fees PLUS a wonderful experience with the dog - and our dog and cats get extra care. Both of them are HAPPY. It's a WIN-WIN, and that's why we launched the 1+1=Happiness campaign. Our goal in 2022 is to help 50 children nurture their love of animals, get financial assistance to attend school, and work towards a career avoiding the dog and cat meat trade.

We have seen the dramatic effects of exposing children to dogs and cats early on and growing their love and compassion for these animals. When the youth come to our shelter to help out, they enter our scholarship program. They come to our shelter and are paired with one dog or cat to take care of. They clean the bowls, feed them, brush them, and in return we provide financial support for their school fees. The school fees cover uniforms, materials, and a nutritious lunch. We believe dogs and cats, our best friends, are gateways to a compassionate world. Join our fight and help end the dog and cat meat trade. We can do this together!

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