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In 2014, while in Yulin (where the infamous dog meat festival is held), Duo Duo's founder Andrea Gung met an 8-year-old boy named Xiao-Yi. At that time, he was terrified of dogs. So when she recently received a photo of him and a golden retriever, she was almost in tears.

He wrote that this really gentle golden retriever, GeGe, made him fall in love with dogs.

The story began in 2014, one day after the horrible dog meat festival. Andrea was getting ready to leave Yulin with a broken heart when a young woman who previoulsy had helped Duo Duo organize a protest in Yulin called.

She told Andrea that she had just rescued a golden retriever from a slaughterhouse. She wanted to know if she could bring the dog back to the U.S. Andrea rushed over to see what she could do.

When she got there, Mr. Guang, a young man who had also helped Duo Duo during the festival, was there. He expressed a desire to keep the golden retriever because he felt a special connection to her. He had already named her GeGe (Princess).

Andrea really wanted to say no because the last place in the world to leave a dog behind is Yulin. But when she saw the bonding between them, she gave in. She told Mr. Guang, "If it doesn't work out, let me know right away and I will get GeGe out of Yulin in no time."

Mr. Guang reports that for the last seven years, GeGe has played with at least ten thousand Yulin kids like Xiao-Yi.

Looking back now, Andrea is glad she left GeGe in Yulin to be with Mr. Guang. This is just more proof that teaching the youth about dogs is the right thing to do. Teaching them about being compassionate towards animals will help put an end to the dog trade.

We are so grateful for the donations that we received which have allowed us to go to Yulin so many times before Covid to support local dog lovers. The positive and hopeful side of Yulin is revealed and heartwarming stories like this can be shared.

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