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BREAKING: 238 cats and 17 dogs rescued from hidden market shop in Jiangmen

On March 7th, approximately 238 cats and 17 dogs were rescued from a hidden shop in a market in Jiangmen (江門), 800 miles from where a cat was stolen, in Shanghai. Thanks to a GPS collar worn by the cat, "Yellow Spots", and to a devoted cat lover who put the collar on that cat, Yellow Spots was finally located in Jiangmen. This cat was part of the Shanghai TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) program. The feeding lady (Compassionate Mom is the title for those feeding ladies in China) has been tracking this cat daily.

Our team in Guangzhou arrived at the scene and began negotiating with local officials in hopes of taking over all the cats and dogs.

While we condemn the cruel and barbaric dog and cat meat traders, we also want to point out the hope we see from this breaking news: how devoted Chinese activists are to protect beloved dogs and cats. That Shanghai woman didn't give up on Yellow Spots, and local activists rushed over when they heard the news and stayed up all night to make sure that no animals were stolen back by the thieves.

Kudos to our brave Chinese animal activists!

After a 6-hour-long meeting, our team in Guangzhou finally won the trust of Jianmen officials due to their good track record. All the animals will be transferred to them when the logistics have been worked out.

They're in good hands now! Stay tuned for more updates.

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