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Empowering Change through Youth Art

Duo Duo Project stands out for our innovative approach to
education and outreach.

We strive to change the hearts and minds of the younger generation in dog and cat-eating cities in China. Duo Duo Project has created programs for local children to have dog and cat-focused experiences to increase their appreciation of and compassion for dogs and cats. We want kids to think of dogs and cats as family, not food. One of these initiatives, the youth art contest, has proven to be not only exceptionally influential but also a well-received educational undertaking. 

A Glimpse into Duo Duo Project's Youth Art Contests

After 10 years of experience working in China, we have found our youth art contests to be a particularly effective program. Thanks to our generous supporters, we have been able to organize numerous art contests in cities deeply affected by the dog and cat meat trade.

One of the many youth art contests we organized required the securing of an auditorium to accommodate the overwhelming response from local children. Our models for these art contests are always dogs that Duo Duo Project has rescued from the illicit dog meat trade. The young artists are usually very surprised and quite saddened to learn our beautiful dog models were almost eaten.

Changing Lives,
One Brushstroke at a Time

It's essential to recognize that these initiatives target areas where dog and cat consumption is prevalent, often in rural and less-developed cities. Limited resources and opportunities for extracurricular activities for children make these events invaluable. Through the generosity of our supporters, Duo Duo Project has established dedicated teams on the ground, continuously organizing free programs like youth art contests and other educational initiatives.

Eradicating the Dog and Cat Meat Trade

The impact of Duo Duo Project's work goes beyond the immediate joy experienced during these events. It contributes to changing hearts and minds, working towards the ultimate goal of eradicating the dog and cat meat trade. Your continued support enables us to reach more people and create a lasting impact in communities affected by the illicit dog and cat meat trade. Together, let's create lasting change through the transformative power of art and education.

To fuel Duo Duo Project's mission to protect dogs and cats and make a tangible difference in the the communities we serve, please consider
donating to Duo Duo Project today.

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