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Encouraging Trends in Yulin

A Significant Drop in Dog Meat Consumption

In a remarkable development, a recent survey conducted by Duo Duo Project in Yulin reveals a significant decline in the regular consumption of dog meat. The survey, conducted just before the infamous Yulin Dog Meat "Festival," indicates that our ongoing efforts to raise awareness and educate the public are making a tangible impact.

Key Findings:

- Decline in Dog Meat Consumption: Only 17.7% of Yulin residents eat dogs on a regular basis. This is a substantial decrease from the 30% of residents who used to eat dogs on a regular basis according to a survey done by Duo Duo Project four years ago, before the COVID-19 pandemic.

- Awareness of International Bans: A striking 95.41% of respondents are aware of the dog meat ban in South Korea, with 50.49% expressing support for such measures.

- Shift in Perception: More than half (52.13%) of Yulin residents now view dogs and cats as companion animals rather than food.

- Need for Public Awareness: 68.2% of Yulin residents believe the main obstacle to promoting a local ban on dog meat consumption is a lack of public awareness.

These encouraging results underscore the importance of education in changing public attitudes and behaviors. Duo Duo Project remains committed to this mission, focusing on raising awareness, encouraging compassion, and advocating for the end of the horrific Yulin Dog Meat “Festival” and the cruel dog and cat meat trade.

Join us in our efforts! 

  • Download our free eBook and share it via your social media channels to increase awareness of the brutal Yulin Dog Meat “Festival” and the broader dog and cat meat trade. 

  • Donate to support our ongoing efforts and be part of this impactful and growing movement. 

Together we can stop the Yulin Dog Meat “Festival” and the dog and cat meat trade. Together we win.

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