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Holiday Love!

A very merry Christmas to you from our Duo Duo Project team and all of our four-legged furry friends who will wake up to a safe, playful, and festive Christmas Day thanks to YOUR support!

Duo Duo (多多) and her mother, Martha (in the photo above) also send their thanks and holiday wishes.

Duo Duo went from being a victim of the dog and cat meat trade to being saved and enjoying a wonderful life with a loving family in Oakland California, USA.

Our holiday wish is that ALL dogs and cats in China and throughout the world will also come to have safe, love-filled, and healthy lives like Duo Duo.

Thanks to friends like you, we're getting closer to making that wish come true!

With our warmest holiday wishes,

Your friends at Duo Duo Project


P.S. In the holiday spirit of care and compassion, we hope you'll join us in sending healing thoughts and wishes to Qi Qione of our dedicated, kind-hearted volunteers in Beijing. Like so many others in Beijing, she is very sick with COVID. We wish for a speedy recovery for Qi Qi and all our friends, volunteers, and advocates in China who are struggling this holiday season.

P.P.S: If you send a note to QiQi, we will translate and pass it on to her.

Our Mudanjiang shelter staff are wishing you a Merry Christmas! They've all taken turns battling COVID, but thankfully, they're all recovering!

And Merry Christmas from this Mudanjiang shelter cutie who you helped save!

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1 Comment

Thank you, to Andrea, and everyone else involved with Duo Duo, for the life-saving work that you have carried out again this year. You are all such sweet, brave souls. Special blessings to QiQi, for a full recovery so that she may continue her duties as an angel for dogs and cats.

😇 💖💐 😇 💖💐 😇

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