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Pet Relocation Center

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

With China's strict zero-COVID policy, if a person gets COVID or has any connection with a person who has COVID, they are taken away to a quarantine site. If they are a pet owner, they don't get to take their dog or cat with them. You can imagine how much they would worry about their pets that got left behind.

A local volunteer got permission to enter the pet owner's apartment

Our Guanzhou team has responded to this problem by starting a "Pet Temporary Shelter" emergency program. When part of their city got locked down a few weeks ago, our team built a "Pet Relocation Center" that can accommodate 200 dogs and cats while their owners are in quarantine and unable to get home to care for them.

The volunteers successfully took the dog out and moved it to the "temporary shelter"

Volunteers check on the animals in the temporary shelter.

They also set up a group chat for pet owners to connect with veterinarians to keep an eye on their pets' health and resolve any urgent needs.

The dog and Cat are in good hands

Many young people in the area have stepped up to lend a hand, which has helped make this program successful!

We are very proud of our team.

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