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UPDATE: We helped to rebuild this AnHui dog shelter with YOUR help!

In July of this year, Duo Duo reported on a tragic flooding of a dog shelter in the AnHui province of China. The flood destroyed the An Hui Ning Guo shelter, but luckily all dogs were saved and moved to higher ground...except for one cheeky pup, Xiao Le (小樂, little joy)!

Although she got washed away when playing in the water, she luckily made it back. Mr. Xiao Yu, the owner of the shelter, was thrilled.

We talked to Mr. Yu and learned that he desperately needed help to rebuild his shelter. Even though Duo Duo Project's main focus is not on rescue, we do have an emergency fund for urgent matters like this - and we have used the emergency fund to help with dog truck interception in the past as well.

We reached out immediately and used our emergency fund to help. We asked for your help to help Mr. Yu, and we're so excited by all the wonderful support we received. Thanks to your generous donations, the damaged shelter has now been rebuilt and all the dogs are safe and happy! Mr. Yu, sent us a video and wanted to show his appreciation to you, Duo Duo Project's donors and supporters.

The shelter after the flood;

The shelter after your support and the rebuild has been completed;

This brief update from us is just a reminder of how important your support is to the work of Duo Duo and to share a piece of happy news in this difficult time.

Thank you all for you support. We cannot do this important, compassionate work without you.

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