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Volunteer Spotlight - Qi Qi

"I have never heard this type of miserable crying from dogs. I felt like I was in Hell." - Qi Qi, a Beijing volunteer.

This is how Qi described her experience when she went to the scene where a dog truck had been intercepted on its way to a slaughterhouse. "Before that day, I didn't know anything about the dog and cat meat trade even though I lived in Beijing for 35 years. My life was just revolving around working, shopping, and social media. The miserable condition and the sad eyes of those dogs shook me up. I was crying constantly. That day changed my life." Qi stayed at that truck front line scene for three days and two nights. She had no shower and very little sleep.

Qi helped Duo Duo Project ship 2 doggies to San Francisco airport from Beijing airport before Covid.

Sadly, Qi's compassionate heart couldn't handle the trauma of the experience, and she went into depression for nearly a year. Thanks to proper treatment and her loving husband (Bing Wu) who is also a Duo Duo Project volunteer, Qi made a full recovery and became one of the most devoted team members in China. The photos below show two of the many projects that Qi helped Duo Duo Project accomplish in China.

Qi delivered supplies to local poor pet owners and organized an "End Yulin Dog Meat Festival" protest.

Qi and her husband generously donated space from their spacious coffee shop for Duo Duo Project to use as our Beijing office and for local animal activists to have a venue for meetings and events.

At the "Animal Welfare Movement" workshop held at Qi's coffee shop.

Qi speaks good English and has been a translator for us during our American volunteers' visits. She wants to welcome our supporters around the world to visit Duo Duo Project's shelters and to meet up with her and the rest of the Duo Duo Project team in China after Covid. "I will be thrilled to show you around and practice my English too," says Qi.

Thank you, Qi, and happy Woman's History Month! The Duo Duo Project Team

Thank you for supporting our important work to bring an end to the dog and cat meat trade.

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1 comentario

Qi. I want you to know how thankful and grateful we are to you and your husband for all that you do. Your contribution is immeasurable. Your precious pets will hopefully be fine (even in lockdown) if you are there to look after them. I understand your anguish.......

Please be positive and safe......


Me gusta
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