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Action for Compassion

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

For the last ten years, Duo Duo Project’s teams have been on the ground
in China 365 days a year!

Our teams and the projects we’re driving forward have changed the hearts and minds of countless people. They’ve helped the people of China learn about and interact with dogs- so that they see them as family, not food.

Our key projects are:

  • Animal care

  • Animal welfare advocacy

  • Education campaigns

To learn more about our projects and their impact, click here.

In China, innocent pets and stray dogs and cats are preyed upon for the illegal dog and cat meat trade. The torturous meat trade kills millions of dogs and cats every year. But, the continual, strategic, and compassion-centered transformation of people’s hearts and minds towards dogs and cats is how we will end the brutal dog and cat meat trade.

This is why we are focused on the long-game, it will create permanent
change for animals!

By working with communities across China, our strategy creates change by fostering compassion for dogs and cats. Our teams are hard at work in many places in China 365 days a year, not just during the horrific “Yulin Dog Meat Festival.”

Changing hearts and minds isn’t easy, but we know that our work will lead to a future where there is no longer a demand for the dog and cat meat trade in China, and this cruel industry will finally come to an end. We believe that ending the cruel dog and cat meat trade will create a more humane world for all.

Your action today will create a more compassionate tomorrow for our dog and cat friends who would otherwise fall victim to the meat trade.

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