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Empowering Change: Partnering with Dr. Lin...

In our relentless pursuit to end the dog and cat meat trade in China, we're excited to announce a powerful collaboration with Dr. Lin, a leading Taiwanese veterinarian with a 20-year history of successfully implementing large-scale spay and neuter programs in rural areas. When we can provide broader, easier access to safe, free spay and neuter procedures, we can provide better animal care AND significantly reduce the supply of strays for the horrific, illegal dog and cat meat trade. 

The vision for our first animal clinic:

  • Provide free spay and neuter services and animal care for stray animals

  • Create a mobile team to broaden access to free spay and neuter services

  • Serve as a spay and neuter training base for veterinarians from other cities

Your role in this partnership:

Your contribution to our Action for Compassion campaign is crucial. With your support and Dr. Lin's expertise, we're confident in taking a significant step toward ending the dog and cat meat trade in China. By supporting Duo Duo Project’s Action for Compassion Campaign, you're not just helping individual animals; you're contributing to a more compassionate world where dogs and cats can thrive. 

We invite you to take Action for Compassion today. Your involvement is key to our success! With Dr. Lin's expertise and your generosity, we're poised to make a lasting impact on countless lives. Donate now and be a part of the change!

Dr. Lin

We thank you for your ongoing support!

Together, we will erase this cruel trade from planet earth forever.

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