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Keep Wildlife & Cats Safe

Garfield might love lasagna and lounging but your cat loves to hunt-

it’s what they’re built to do!

Photo Credit: Andrea Gung

If you let your cat roam outdoors, your cat will use their predatory instincts to prey upon a wide range of wildlife species.

Such wildlife may include:

  • Birds

  • Rabbits

  • Bats

  • Squirrels

  • Mice

Not every cat has the inclination to hunt, some prefer to sit in a sunbeam and chill. However, any cat left to roam outside is a potential threat to wildlife, especially to babies. And there are many threats to your cat’s welfare that can be easily avoided by keeping them indoors.

How to Protect Wildlife and Cats

The best way to protect wildlife from cats is to keep cats indoors. Keeping cats indoors also keeps them safe too.

  • Prevents cats from suffering from frostbite, dehydration and heatstroke

  • Stops your cat from fighting with other outdoor cats

  • Eliminates the risk that your cat will be hit by a car or other vehicles

  • Prevents your cat from ingesting highly toxic poison that is left out for or consumed by other animals

  • Reduces the chance of your cat contracting diseases or parasites

How to Make Life “Wild” for an Indoor Cat

Photo Credit: Andrea Gung

Compared to the great outdoors, your home environment is extremely boring for your cat. A lack of a stimulating environment is one of the many reasons why over 50% of cats are overweight. Learn more about how obesity is a growing problem for cats- here. To keep wildlife and your cat safe- you need to make a conscious effort to provide your cat with the physical and mental enrichment they need to stay healthy.

Here are a few ideas to improve an indoor cat’s life:

  • Train your cat to walk on a harness and leash so you can go for adventures together

  • Build a catio so your cat can have a protected way to enjoy the outdoors

  • Schedule at least 10 minutes of cat wand playing with your cat a day

For lots of enriching activities to do with your cat, click here.

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