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The one question we always get...

"Why do we need to care about the dogs in the dog meat trade in Asia when we have so many dogs in our own shelters?"

This is a question founder Andrea Gung discussed during the Duo Duo Project Virtual Gala on March 20. It's a question many Duo Duo supporters have been asked over the years.

Our favourite answer to this question comes from Eric Peltier, a professional filmmaker, and pet dad to our mascot, Duo Duo. Eric has worked with Duo Duo for many years, and accompanied our team to China twice to do some undercover documentary filming.

"If you love dogs and you have been to a dog slaughterhouse, you will never ask me this question again."

It's why we here at Duo Duo appreciate your confidence in us so much, and your monetary contributions which have made filming our documentaries and many other important projects get done successfully.

Ending the dog and cat meat trade is like war.

The frontline activists, including Eric, are the soldiers.

Local volunteers provide the logistics supplies.

And you, our faithful supporters, provide the crucial weapons.

With love and thanks,

The Duo Duo team

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