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Volunteer Spotlight - Marcia Huyette

It's Women's History Month!

During the month of March, we plan to spotlight our female volunteers around the world.

We kick off our celebration with volunteer, Marcia Hyuette, our Director of Graphic Design/ Digital Media who has been volunteering and helping Duo Duo Project almost from day 1.

Marcia had cancer in the middle of Covid, but she choose to fight and didn't let it defeat her spirit. She was even editing our social media posts and eNews from her Chemo treatment chair. She sent us the photo below when she was going through her chemo treatment. She kept a ponytail because she wanted to have a "tail" to be part of Duo Duo Pack.

Marcia and her "tail" .

Marcia's an artist, illustrator, designer, editorial cartoonist, author, and art director at newspapers, magazines, printing companies, and previously in her own graphics and printing business on Cape Cod for nearly fifteen years.

In 2012, Marcia hosted an art show, "A Different Side of Light: Visionary Works," at Maser Gallery. Works included illustrations from her self-published book, "John Lennon: A Real Live Fairy tale" about her visionary paintings of musician John Lennon.

As you can see Marcia is extremely talented. We are so lucky to have her. She has our highest respect and admiration for her compassion and devotion to "end the dog and cat meat trade movement".

Marcia also had other struggles in her personal life but she didn't choose to be a bitter and angry person. Instead, she became this wonderful woman filled with compassion and love.

We believe she shows the noble characteristics of a modern woman and as such, we celebrate Marcia Huyette!

We love you Marcia and happy Woman's History Month!

The Duo Duo Project Team

P.S. In case you missed it, click here to hear Marcia's speech when she received the 2021 Volunteer of the Year award.

And If you would like to say "hi" to Marcia, here is her email address:

Thank you for supporting our important work to bring an end to the dog and cat meat trade.

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