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Duo Duo Project has a year round campaign in Yulin: Yulin365.

Because unfortunately, some Yulin people eat dogs year- round, not just on the "festival" summer solstice.

Our team works on the ground in Yulin year round to humanize dogs - to help people see them as family and not food.

One of the popular and effective events of our Yulin365 campaign was "Up Close and Personal with Doggie and Kitty Cat". For some of the kids, it was the first close-up encounter with dogs. We all remember how thrilled we were when we first experienced holding a dog and making that magical connection.

We believe it is highly unlikely that these kids will become dog or cat-eaters.

Thank you for believing in us and supporting our #Yulin365 campaign. Together, we are changing the hearts and minds of the young Yulin generation so that they see dogs and cats as family members, not food.

We will end the cruel festival and trade - it's just a matter of time.

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