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Meet Gemma, a young Duo Duo volunteer dedicated to stopping the dog meat trade

Gemma, aka Prancing Silver Blossom, is the latest young activist taking our world by storm with her Don’t Eat Dog Meat campaign.

Gemma is a part of the Unicorn Charity Club, a social impact movement in Irvine, CA for K-8th grade girls looking to create a positive and meaningful change in their communities. Whether through volunteering, fundraising or other charity work, these girls are powerhouses for change that we are so excited to be connected with.

Gemma first found out about the dog meat trade from a donation mailer at her grandmother’s house - she had never known that there was an entire industry dedicated to dog meat and dog leather.

“She was just so overwrought with sadness seeing the dogs caged up like that,” says Gemma’s mom Yvette, “so she pledged to lead a “Don’t Eat Dog Meat” project to help stop the dog meat trade in Asia, and to hopefully help make a difference in an individual dog’s life.”

Lucky for us, in her research Gemma came across the Duo Duo Project and decided we were the organization she wanted to help.

“We looked at several organizations to sponsor, but landed on Duo Duo because the website showed actual individual dogs we can sponsor and has great track record working on the cause […]. Gemma presented her project and the entire UCC group voted on sponsoring Hei Hei!” says Yvette.

The goal of Gemma’s Don’t Eat Dog Meat campaign was to raise $1,000 by Christmas 2020 for the rehoming of Hei Hei, a dog rescued by Duo Duo Project from a Yulin dog slaughterhouse, and she made it! In raising this money, Gemma’s campaign has now meant Hei Hei can be brought to the US to find a loving forever home.

So what’s next for this young activist?

“Gemma is psyched about continuing to raise money for Duo Duo,” says Yvette, “and hopes to reach $2,000 in 2021. We will try our best!”

Take a look at Gemma’s video here;

Do you know of any compassionate kids who are budding animal activists? Let us know and help us build an uplifting and exciting team of Youth Volunteers.

Let us know by sending an email to

Together, young and old, we can end this cruel trade!

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